Walthamstow & Margate (18/19 March 2016)

The weekend of the 18th and 19th of March 2016 turned out to be a very productive couple of days with myself and the lovely ArtByFane (aka Rochelle De-Terville) working on a mural piece for the Paint Your London event in Walthamstow and then Dawid ‘Kednog’ Gondek joined us for a great mural piece for the launch of 'Young, Gifted and Black Deep' in Margate, all of us working as Psychodoodlz.

'Paint Your London' was hosted by Mark Clack and his hard working crew and we had great fun battling with a constant stream of very tolerant traffic as we worked in the tunnel and enjoyed meeting the locals. It goes without saying that profound thanks goes to Mark for allowing us to have the opportunity to be part of this event. You can find details of our and other artist’s work (obviously better to check it out yourself) at…


'Young, Gifted and Black Deep' was hosted by the wonderful Ayaan who is the driving force behind the world famous Femme Fierce which is held at Leake Street in London. This year the event will be held on 7th and 8th May 2016 so remember to book those dates for a visual feast. A big thank you to Ayaan for giving Pscyhodoodlz the opportunity to create in such a vibrant and unique setting (loved the old fairground ride characters!) and good luck for Femme Fierce. Here is a video clip of Femme Fierce from last year.