Carlos Cashiero collaboration at Leake Street and Croydon (9th and 13th April 2016)

It is very exciting when one of the resident artists in London’s diverse street art scene invites you to partake in a collaboration.

I met Carlos Cashiero at the Tribe '15 exhibition curated by Chrom Art and we talked about possibly getting together to do a mural collaboration. Fast forward to April 2016 and we embarked on a test run at Leake Street (who would have thought that green, gold, red, and silver would go together so well) before we met a few days later near to West Croydon Station to work on the exciting mural on the opposite side of the road.

It is always refreshing and inspiring to let go of ego and allow your work to be influenced by your fellow artist. I look forward to working with Mr Cashiero more in the future.

Special thanks to Rise Gallery for the opportunity.