William Torbitt Primary School's 'Art Week' Feb 2016

Psychodoodlz was lucky enough to be invited to partake in William Torbitt Primary School's 'Art Week' from Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February 2016 and worked on a whole range of projects with lots of pupil participation. Three reception classes were given the task of painting their aspirations and it would seem that the girls mostly wanted to be Elsa from Disney fearture cartoon Frozen whilst the boys were equally inspired by Batman and Iron Man. There was also keen interest in hairdressing, fire fighting, police work and being a vet. They painted and drew these aspirations on three large canvases and everyone agreed they were a really big success. Year 1 pupils were given the exciting task to produce a Chinese Dragon and following the supervision of Marc Craig, the founder of Psychodoodlz, all 120 pupils had something to do with the final piece. It proved a really big hit when teachers and Marc Craig did a parade of the dragon for the pupils to the sound of tamborines and drumming. Lastly the three year 4 classes cam together with the rest of the Psychodoodlz artists to produce three 10m lengths of mural based on adventures and along with combining their creative talents the pupils learnt about famous adventurers who may inspire the pupils in the future to go on their own adventures. The murals were later converted into 3 'large' books for the whole class to read as and when they wished. A great week and wonderful staff as well as the pupils. Thanks William Torbitt for making us feel so welcome.