Wahacca Day of the Dead Mural

3rd November 2016

Wahacca Day Of The Dead Mural, The Vaults, Leake Street

Ah this was such a joy to create with my fellow artists Skeleton Cardboard and ArtByFane at the momentous The Vaults, Leake Street for Wahacca's intended celebration of the Day Of The Dead festival... and then Norovirus crashed the party literally on the day of the opening night.  Wahacca had to close temporarily some of their restaurants and they made the unfortunate but right decision to cancel the event as it would have been wrong to be seen to be celebrating at such a difficult time.  Such is life as they say but whilst it was alive and well in the glow of the lights of The Vault the mural looked so amazing. Many thanks to Scott and Rochelle (secret identities, don't tell anyone!) for their input on this as without them it just wouldn't have happened and huge thank you to Kieron from the Vault for giving us the green light to paint the ceiling.  Easily the most hedonistic visual experience of 2016 so far and best wishes to Wahacca.