Smilie Mural

15th October 2016

Smilie Mural, Leake Street

The Brand Licensing Europe show at London Olympia was without doubt one of the most exciting things I was able to go to this year so far  (so far!) with it's huge array of visual images and the scope that they can present in licensing potential.  Everything from SpongeBob stilettos to Hello Kitty iPad holders, the limit was how far you can bend your imagination. One of the most iconic images I saw was that of the Smiley and it inspired me enough to see if I could do my rendition of the image in my style.  Like Picasso experimented with Velazquez's Las Meninas I decided to experiment with a more contemporary image.  There is something wonderfully global with these kinds of images and it speaks so personally whatever form you see it in.  This one proved to be very popular on social media probably due to the fact there was one of Twon's (Orbit) mushrooms next door to it!