Freelance artist based in London

Marc Craig is a street artist based in London who works primarily with large scale murals, both on his own and as part of the street art collective Psychdodoodlz which he also founded in 2015.  He has a broad range of creativity working within the disciplines of textiles, graphics, photography, sculpture and ceramics.  He also has teaching experience both in the UK and USA.  

 He enjoyed a successful year in 2015 which included him live painting at the Flux Exhibition at The Royal College of Art and (working as part of Psychodoodlz) taking a 30ft banner mural to exhibit in the Tate Britain, which also saw Pscyhodoodlz help lead members of the public in creating a memory mural as part of the 'Mission to the Land of Misplaced Memories'.

In 2016 Marc completed 45 murals and was filmed for a Guinness advert in Leake Street which was launched in 2016.  He also along with some of his fellow artists worked on the enormous mural for the Wahacca Day Of The Dead celebration and he has had his individual work exhibited in locations such as Chelsea and Mayfair. Other projects included being filmed with Chef Nic and Maggie Cheung as part of the episode based in London and lastly he worked on the promotional mural for the Coppafeel charity event at The Vans.

 Marc Craig is very keen on collaborating with others as he feels this is a unique opportunity to stretch creative ability to new exciting levels of experience.  To this end he is keen to work with schools, colleges, universities, community groups, charities and any social groups.  He especially is interested in working with individuals who would not necessarily get the chance to express themselves artistically. 



"We loved Marc’s work and were thrilled with the deign and piece he came up with for Festifeel.  It turned a lot of heads on the day, and no doubt after the day, and really added something special to our event. Also very grateful to Marc for turning it around so very quickly and being so helpful and supportive of our charity. We really hope we can work with Marc again!" 

Kris Hallenga
Founder | CEO | Boob Chief |

"Our experience working with Marc Craig has always been remarkable since the beginnings, over a year ago. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and his ability to inspire and involve the community in our collaborations is the driving force for many young aspiring artists wanting to join us, and many young kids learning and embracing the creative path. Marc Craig is a perfect example of art that comes from the soul, to be shared with others, and focused on the virtues of mankind and what makes us all equal, whatever background, religion, race or sexual orientation. Chrom-Art will always support Marc Craig ventures, as they are of up-most value to the community, and we look forward to many exciting collaborations together"

Javier Melian co-founder and managing director

"Marc did a sterling job, coordinating and making sure that our expectations were met. Often, the work done behind the scenes, to make things run smoothly, is one of the most important elements. This can go unnoticed. We loved his work with the pupils,  on 'aspirations' (Reception) and the 'dragon' (Year 1)."

  • "The artists thought Psychodoodlz were awesome"
  • "Their enthusiasm, commitment and energy, glowed and it was infectious"
  • "Pupils were motivated and immersed themselves into activities"
  • "They were interactive and respectful towards the school community"

Anjali Sanderson
William Torrbit Primary School, London

"The story of Epic Aims and the Church Street Mural began at the end of a series of siblings sessions for children between 6-11 about what it means to have a brother or sister with Autism. One of the parents asked ...but what about older siblings? The answer was obvious... take one quirky psychologist, who works for Spectrum, who thinks out of the box, a long term admiration for Marc Craig, the coolest graffiti artist she knew, with a background in Autism, the Pearl Centre's ability to bring people together, Falmouth town manager who was open to the idea and  Falmouth Fine Arts and Decorative Society who were prepared to take a chance and fund a graffiti project and we had our answer...EASY!

Workshops were held for the teenagers who had brothers and sister with ASD (Epic Aims) to discuss what it means to have Autism and to design the mural . Marc Craig spun their words like magic into a enchanted mural which perfectly combines their admiration for their brothers and sisters with the beauty of what it means to live in Falmouth.  This project was a wonderful example of a community coming together to put 'difference' on the agenda and leave a legacy for the future.  

We look forward to a long association with Epic Aims and Marc Craig and we hope to paint Falmouth"

Rachael Brown
Assistant Head of Development and Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Falmouth College Of Art, MA Contemporary Visual Arts 2004
Falmouth College Of Art, BA Studio Ceramics 2003
Cornwall College, Redruth, HNC Ceramics 1997
Northbrook College, Worthing, HND Textiles 1995
Winchester School Of Art, BTEC Art Foundation 1993

Exhibitions/Public Work

2003 FCA Ceramics Truro Museum, UK
2003 Mural Church Street Falmouth, UK
2003 Mural Ponsharden Falmouth, UK
2004 Head Space, Falmouth Polytechnic, UK
2004 Mural Camborne College, UK
2005 Mural Archbishop Benson School Truro, UK
2005 Streets 2K5 New Brunswick, USA
2007 Streets 2K7 New Brunswick, USA
2010 Mural Church Street Falmouth, UK
2012 Solo Exhibition Freud, Shaftsbury Ave, London, UK
2014 Live Painting at Flux, Brick Lane, London UK
2014 Mural Painting at I’Klectic Bar, Southwark, London UK
2015 Numerous murals (my own and as part of Psychodoodlz) at Leake Street, London UK
2015 Painted on the Berlin Wall, Mauer Park, Germany
2015 Tribe 15, Collaboration with Amara Por Dios and also live Psychodoodlz ‘Kids’ mural, London UK
2015 Leake Street ceiling mural (Psychodoodlz), London UK
2015 Tate Britain, Write Talk Listen event, (6ft by 30ft prepared banner mural plus live 20m mural over 2 days)
2015 Curating (ongoing) the painting of the ceiling at Leake Street
2015 Royal College Of Art live painting as part of Flux exhibition
2015 The Artist Awakens, Underdog Gallery, London UK
2016 Box Galleries, London, UK


2001 Art Director, Kenmont Kenwood CT, USA
2003 Art Director, Kenmont Kenwood CT, USA
2004 Art Teacher, Camborne College, UK
2005 Art Teacher, Archbishop Benson School Truro, UK
2011 Guest Artist, Boot Up Falmouth, UK
2012 Guest Artist, Boot Up Falmouth, UK


I would like to thank the following groups for their continuing support